Siegfried Porth

Principal Architect

Siegfried is an award-winning architect and is highly respected in his field for the quality and efficiency of his work.  He has served as a consultant, building inspector, and coach. He has also served on several municipal boards, contributing in matters of finance, planning and the visual arts. Among his awards are the Passive Solar Design Award, issued by the U.S. Bureau of Housing and Urban Development and the 2007 Master Builder's Award issued by the Millennium Press.


Noah Modie
Project Manager / Designer

Noah received his Masters in Architecture from Pratt Institute in 2011 and has since been working as an architectural and graphic designer. He brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in multiple specialized fabrication techniques, including woodwork, metalwork, 3D printing, and lasercutting. He is spearheading the company's transition to BIM (building information modeling) and advanced vizualization techniques.



Michael J. Duval

Building Code Consultant

Michael’s work as a building code consultant is concentrated on the analysis of existing buildings undergoing reconfigurations, renovations and changes of use.  This design data is compiled along with the building owner’s proposed changes and presented in Chapter 34 Investigation and Evaluation Reports.  Each report is a custom analysis of how a particular building and its uses comply with the current state building codes and regulations.

Prior to joining Porth Architects Michael worked as an inspector at many large construction projects for the Pittsburgh Des-Moines Steel Co., B&W Nuclear Services, Combustion Engineering, and Raytheon. Michael is also a licensed construction supervisor with experience the design and building of custom single-family homes. His education and experience provide a comprehensive perspective to identify and resolve potential Building Code and design issues prior to the start of construction.

Jessie Davey-Mallo
Designer /Draftsman

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